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I love to work with yarn and fabric. I knit a lot, do some crochet, make quilts, sew and occasionally I make cards and other crafty things. I love to give handmade gifts and knit for charities. I have more WIPs and UFOs than I care to admit but that way I can always work on something different as I am in the mood. I currently have two long term quilting projects:


I have decided not to continue with my Women of the Bible Quilt. I will find another use for the blocks I have already finished.

Made in 2017

Made in 2016

Made in 2015

Made in 2014

I have been quilting since 1991 and these are some of my most recent projects.

I learned how to knit and crochet in elementary school, hated it because I HAD to do it. Much later I began to enjoy it and now I love it. I knit a lot of shawls, hats and scarves, dishcloths and the occasional sweater or cardigan. In all my 40+ years of knitting I have never knitted socks, so that was one of my projects for 2011.

Sometimes I work with paper and glue or beads. I have made Christmas and birthday cards and some beaded bookmarks. I also do cross stitch and other embroidery.

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